Reductil 15 mg


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Reductil 15 mg is a prescription medicine that is used for treatment in patients with an extra body mass. Doctors recommend this medicine with a proper diet and exercise to help patients lose weight. For people who are overweight and want to lose weight doctors recommend Reductil 15 mg to control their appetite. This medicine is an opioid so it is possible to get side effects from it but if you take medicine under the direction of a doctor then there is less chance to get side effects from it. The side effects of Reductil 15 mg are – High blood pressure, abdominal pain, dry mouth, dizziness, slow heart rate, headache, nausea, etc. If you ever faced side effects from Reductil or other narcotic medicine then you should avoid this medicine and tell your doctor about it. And make sure if you already taking medicines and the doctor prescribed Reductil 15 mg then tell the doctor about it and show the medicine to the doctor. You should tell your doctor if, you are having some problems with taking this medicine. If this medicine doesn’t suit you, your doctor changes your dose or medication.

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